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The aromatic Donc Vermouth home made by master chef Geert Van Der Bruggen of restaurant Lijsterbes, is the result of a persistent pursuit of perfection and an indomitable passion for pure taste. Delicious “on the rocks” with a sliver of lemon zest or as a creative flavouring for a fresh cocktail. Its unique mix of delicious spices and aromas will carry you away, from the first touch of the tongue. Are you open to pure flavour? Then choose accordingly… Donc.


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In 2017 I embarked in a daring new adventure, the result of which you are now holding in your hands. The creation of my home made Vermouth has been an exciting journey, searching for perfect balance and taste. Savour it pure or mixed in a cocktail, but enjoy responsibly.


Donc Homemade Vermouth

€ 35,00

DONC is a home-made vermouth based on a white sauvignon wine and flavored with 25 unique herbs and spices such as roses, angelica, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, vanilla, etc. For 3 weeks they are macerated in grain gin. Afterwards we add a small amount of sugar which is gently caramelized. The subtle blend of all these ingredients gives DONC Vermouth its unique, aromatic and savory taste.


Donc Vermouth is ideal for pure drinking on the rocks with a zest of lemon, lime or orange, but also works perfectly as a creative part of a cocktail.

Quantity: 750 ml
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